Thompson Technology Consulting, LLC. (TTC) specializes in technology consulting and operations management. Outsourcing Partner - Jim Thompson.

Many businesses are utilizing outsourcing as a viable option in today's marketplace. Here's why......

1) Employment Cost Savings
        Do not have to provide health insurance
        Do not have to match F.I.C.A. Tax
        Pay only for days worked (No Vacation, Holiday, or Sick Day Pay)
        Long term fixed cost are now variable cost

2) Immediate Access to Skilled Expertise     
        No training necessary 
        Competitive edge 
        Forty years of business & technology experience

3) Reduced Time Needed for Deployment
        Immediate resource availability
        Faster interview process
        Increased R.O.I. for contracted services
        Proven Professional

4) Local Outsourcing Partner
        Local Resource
        Strong verbal / written communication skills
        Reduced travel time
        24x7 availability

Thompson Technology Consulting, LLC. (TTC) is a consulting and advisory company specializing in technology systems, software applications, operations management and processes for business. TTC does not sell any "Commercial off the shelf" (COTS) software nor do we support it. We are an information and services company that provides resources for companies that need to outsource work to an outsourcing partner. Our value is in the forty plus years of technology experience, numerous certifications, product education, and business operations experience in many industries that we bring to our customers.

Program and Project Management experience with large multi-million dollar systems that serve thousands of users.

Experience, skills, and services are detailed within the website. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your business outsourcing needs. Contact us now at 205-613-1748. eMail us at

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